PalmKey is a contactless palm vein pattern authentication technology using a Fujitsu Sensor that uses vascular patterns as personal identification data. Vein recognition technology is secure because the authentication data exists inside the body and is therefore very difficult to forge by means of photography, voice recording or finger prints. This makes the PalmKey biometric authentication more secure than other methods.

PalmKey authentication works by comparing the pattern of veins in the palm (which appears as blue lines) of a person being authenticated with a pattern stored in a database. Vascular patterns are unique to each individual.

Palm Vein based biometric authentication systems use near infrared rays to penetrate into the palm and look for the presence of De‐oxidized hemoglobin which creates a vein pattern. The preregistered user has to place their palm over the sensor which captures live vein patterns and then matches those with stored data and authenticates the user.

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ARMS (Advanced Recruitment Management System)

ARMS is an Advanced Recruitment Management System under development to be used as an end-to-end web-based solution for Enterprise wide management. This application is being developed using MS CRM and will eliminate all manual processes. The main applications of ARMS will include:

  • Serve as an end-to-end Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage the entire process of recruiting from attracting, screening, and selecting to onboarding candidates. ARMS will help recruiting firms become more efficient and organized.
  • Enable NYTP to quickly harvest the vast information that is available today through the Internet. ARMS will integrate information from job boards and vendor management systems with core recruiting processes that presents an opportunity for NYTP to create a true competitive advantage.
  • Provide recruiters with the smart resume search engine to identify the right candidates faster for their requirements by searching through the key criteria of the resumes more accurately.
  • Helps streamline the employment process. For example it will synchronize with Microsoft Outlook email and calendar, or help manage the employee’s schedules from one place to another.
  • Improve the flow of information between various divisions of NYTP.
  • Help reduce the enormous cost of coordinating account activity.
  • Enable sales and recruiting teams to work better together to result in a more efficient and effective business. 


Lucid Application Systems is an advanced content harvesting system available to institutions that have basic technology infrastructure but need an advanced system, as well as advanced look and feel for their online application systems. The system is designed for complex online application forms and will capture the broad skill backgrounds of individuals working in highly specialized markets.

Our systems specialist will review with you the nature of your existing application in a complete system review and then transform it into the Lucid System. The final product is a secure online application fully customized to your needs. It will allow you to fill out online applications. The information will be transferred directly into the human resources database of your organization. In addition, the system will allow you to see who is applying, download final copies of their application, and download the information into spreadsheets or databases or into customized tools for your application processing and review.

Lucid gives your organization the ability to change the content of the Portal (your mission statement, changing contact information or position announcements), thus keeping your applications area current. The system comes with full support by NYTP including help desk and training.

Home Health Care System (HHCS)

New York Technology Partners (NYTP) is developing a Software Application called Home Health Care System (HHCS). The goal of HHCS is to offer a complete software solution for growing home health care agencies. HHCS will combine all of the functions of a successful business into a single solution. From Scheduling to billing, reporting to patient eligibility, tools and point of care, the solution will be designed to be extremely user-friendly. Its thoughtful design will require a minimum of training and can be configured and customized. The sophistication of HHCS will help reduce the enormous cost of coordinating business activities. HHCS will enable various users to work better together to result in a more efficient and effective manner and provide effective customer service. Once developed this application will eliminate all manual processes of a home healthcare agency. The main application of HHCS will include -

Streamline plan of care, generating 485s and 487s and tracking those 485s that are due for re-certification.

 The scheduling feature will be friendly and nimble, allowing users to schedule and track visits. There will be a recurrence option to create multiple visits from one entry and completed visits will automatically flow into billing.

The Point of Care feature will create Patient Profile, record clinical documents and paperless records.

The billing feature will easily generates claims, both the electronic claim files and the UB-04 and CMS-1500 paper claim forms. It will also generate Private Pay invoices and posts charges to A/R during this claim generation. It will come with a full list of ICD9 codes with new codes added through regular software updates for eg ICD 10 code implementation.

The Reporting feature will allow the Health Care agencies to analyze the patient data in a customizable fashion. Home health care agencies will be able to measure the patient data in a meaningful way.

The Resource management feature will help the home health care agencies to intake the job applications of qualified nurses, and other critical resources.

The cost of care calculator, Patient Eligibility Questionnaire and Patient Insurance benefit coverage tool and will offer a complete software solution for growing home health agencies.